I started SoulProsper Radio in 2012 as a show. Before I knew what a podcast was, I had one. From a meager podcast, the show was picked up on 11 stations including broadcasts in the Little Cayman Islands and Manchester, England. However, the vision was bigger than a single show and soon a preaching show was birthed. I played sermons on my show on Wednesdays and Fridays but that wasn’t enough. In 2013, after much thought and prayer, SoulProsper Radio was birthed as an internet radio station.

In the nearly eight years since its inception, SoulProsper Radio has played great gospel music from all over the world! We have even broadened our playlist to include mainstream music and to our credit, we play more mainstream music before it settles into the playlist on many corporate playlists.

After a tumultuous year, many changes were deemed necessary. We needed to reach more people daily and our old format and site couldn’t achieve what we desired. So, here we are! Welcome to our new home on the web! Our old site will be archived to reflect the foundation of who we are and who we will ALWAYS be!

Nothing is changing but the look and location of our web presence! That site will reflect more about our shows in the past, present and future and this site will exists as THE home for SoulProsper Radio going forward. Oh yeah, there’s one more thing I need to clarify about this new look and sound of SP Radio…#WeJam