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Welcome to SP Radio! SoulProsper Radio began in 2012 as a meager program offered on Fred Willis’ website. Now? It’s the home for the hottest gospel from around the world! We invite you to take a listen and get to know the station for yourself! For news coverage in other categories beyond music, faith and entertainment, visit our sister site The SMG Report.

You can listen to SP Radio 24 hours a day playing the rest of the best in gospel music! We play the hottest music, FIRST! While the conglomerates and corporate playlists wait weeks and even months to add new music, we add hot music as soon as we hear it! This means, that the big guys are always catching up to us. We remain committed to our mantra, ‘we jam!’ It’s that simple! Don’t you wanna jam? Join the jam by listening in and impacting your day, week, month and year with the best gospel music on the planet, heard here first on SP Radio.

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You can listen to SP Radio 24 hours a day, right here! Click the player to launch the station any time of day and, voila!