SoulProsper Radio began as an avenue to share the teaching ministry of Fred Willis and help out his friends who were independent recording artists. In addition to a teaching, each show included music from local gospel artists and musicians. Quickly, the show (SP Radio) attracted the attention of national artists and radio promoters. Soon, the show was overflowing with music to share and what began as a music and ministry show soon shifted to a music showcase. The ministry element was always present which led to the formation of the SP Radio Preacher Network. With this, Fred created an opportunity for preachers across the country to share their weekly messages along with the bevy of new music Fred was making room for. The show continued its meteoric rise and Fred wanted to share it beyond the bounds of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. His ascent into syndication began with a slew of emails and phone calls. The first yes came from Pastor Teresa Jordan of the Prayzefest Gospel Network in Atlanta, GA. Fred’s show aired nightly and inserted segments from the Preacher Network on Wednesday and Friday.

From there, the show grew to 11 airings on as many as 10 networks. Fred was heard locally and as far away as the Little Cayman Islands. Each show had a unique playlist and branding. After experiencing the growth pains of syndication, Fred wanted to ensure that the shows he created were heard by as many people as possible. Coupled with the influx of independent artists as well as mainstream artists, his playlists was overflowing with new music and thus, an internet radio station was born. SP Radio has always kept its mission of making room for music the big guys won’t play but through relationships from his colleagues in terrestrial radio and Christian media, our playlist now resembles top broadcasting outlets in Gospel and Christian music.

We endeavor to continue our mission and now fill the void created by the exit of KHVN from the airwaves in DFW. For years, this was the only place for great gospel music and programming, but we are looking to solidify our place in the hearts and ears of listeners in DFW and beyond. Since 2015, Fred has slowed production of his shows and has instead focused his energies on programming the station. You can hear Fred’s signature style on his shows “On the Record” which features conversations with recording artists and “Talking Points” which covers topics in the news, conversations with faith, entertainment and business leaders, as well as other topics of interests for creatives. Our formative years brought us much success and connected us to a large listening audience. We were proud to bring them coverage of local and national events while serving as a beacon in the gospel music industry.